Ph.D. Job Market Candidates 2017-18

Candidate Fields of Interest Job Market Paper Title References

Valentina Brailovskaya

Brailovskaya, Valentina

Development, Field Experiments, Impact Evaluations, and Applied Microeconomics "Unreliable Electricity: Effects of Power Outages on Small Businesses in Urban Malawi" Carlos Dobkin,
Jon Robinson,
George Bulman

Baizhu Chen

Chen, Baizhu

Applied Microeconomics, Behavioral Finance, and Financial Technology "Do Lenders Value the Right Characteristics? Evidence from Peer-to-Peer Lending"
Nirvikar Singh,
Dan Friedman,
George Bulman

Eilin Francis

Francis, Eilin

Behavioral Economics, Development Economics, and Experimental Economics “Paying to Repay? Experimental Evidence on Repayment Commitment”

Jon Robinson,
Nirvikar Singh,
Ajay Shenoy

Sameh Habib

Habib, Sameh

Primary: Macro and Monetary Economics, Behavioral Economics, and Experimental Finance

Secondary: Financial Economics and Quantitative Finance

"Sentiment, Learning and the Transmission of Monetary Policy"

Carl Walsh,
Dan Friedman,
Ken Kletzer

Can Kadirgan

Kadirgan, Can

International Finance, Macro Finance, and Emerging Market Economies "Evidence on the balance sheet effect of corporates in emerging market economies"

Ken Kletzer,
Michael Hutchison,
Carl Walsh

 Kyle Neering

Neering, Kyle

Economics of Education, Public Policy, Applied Microeconomics, and Impact Evaluation "Course Closed: The Short and Long Run Impacts of Course Shutouts on University Students" Rob Fairlie,
George Bulman,
Rebecca London

Liam Rose

Rose, Liam

Applied Microeconomics and Health Economics "Retirement and Health: Evidence from England" Carlos Dobkin,
Jon Robinson,
George Bulman

Asha Shepard

Shepard, Asha

Applied Microeconomics, Public Economics, Urban Economics, Education, and Crime "School Entry and Criminal Behavior" Carlos Dobkin,
Jon Robinson,
George Bulman