Ph.D. Job Market Candidates 2018-19

Candidate Fields of Interest Job Market Paper Title References

 Jijian Fan

Fan, Jijian

Public Economics, Political Economy, Finance, Applied Theory "Local Government Response to Fiscal Squeeze: Evidence from a Targeted Tax Reduction" Daniel Friedman,
George Bulman,
Jon Robinson

 Daniel Oliver

Oliver, Daniel

Applied Microeconomics, Labor, Public, Education "Classmates Like Me: Race and Ethnicity in College"
Robert Fairlie,
George Bulman,
Carlos Dobkin

 Bryan Pratt

Pratt, Bryan

Applied Microeconomics, Public Economics, Energy and Environmental Economics “A Fine is More Than a Price: Evidence from Drought Restrictions”

Carlos Dobkin,
Jeremy West,
George Bulman,
Brent Haddad

 Jaehyun Suh

Suh, Jaehyun

International Finance, Open Economy Macroeconomics "Does Capital Flight Depress Growth and Investment in Emerging Markets?"

Michael Hutchison,
Kenneth Kletzer,
Grace Weishi Gu

 Aki Sukeda

Sukeda, Akatsuki

Macroeconomics and Monetary Economics, International Economics, Financial Economics "Credible Forward Guidance with Financial Distruption"

Carl Walsh,
Ken Kletzer,
Michael Hutchison,
Alonso Villacorta