Ph.D. Job Market Candidates 2020-21

Candidate Fields of Interest Job Market Paper Title References

Penghao Cheng
Cheng, Penghao

International Finance, Finance, Applied Econometrics "The Impact of U.S. Interest Rate Changes on Emerging Market Countries under Cost-Push Shocks and Natural Rate Shocks" Michael Hutchison,
Kenneth Kletzer,
Chenyue Hu

Sheng, Yifei

Macro, Finance "Institutional Herding in China" Grace Gu,
Kenneth Kletzer,
Hikaru Saijo

Jiayi Xu
Xu, Jiayi

Applied Microeconomics, Public Economics, Financial Economics, Business Economics "Property Taxes and Government Expenditures, Business Activities, and Residential Mobility" George Bulman,
Justin Marion,
Jon Robinson,
Veronica Terriquez

Shuchen Zhao
Zhao, Shuchen

Game Theory, Behavioral Economics, Experimental Economics "Taking Turns in Continuous Time Battle of the Sexes" Dan Friedman,
Kristian Lopez Vargas, Natalia Lazzati

David Zink
Zink, David

Monetary Policy, Macro-Finance, Applied Macroeconomics "The Effects of Shadow Banking on the Transmission of Monetary Policy" Carl Walsh,
Michael Hutchison,
Galina Hale,
Alonso Villacorta