Ph.D. Job Market Candidates 2021-22

Candidate Fields of Interest Job Market Paper Title References

Prateek Arora
Arora, Prateek

International Economics, Monetary Economics, Macroeconomics “Dominant Currency Paradigm: Pricing and Financing" Carl Walsh,
Ken Kletzer,
Galina Hale,
Chenyue Hu
Andrew Barber
Barber, Andrew
Public and Applied Microeconomics,
Development Economics,
Economics of Education,
Health Economics,
Labor Economics
"Conditional Cash Lotteries Increase COVID-19 Vaccination Rates" Laura Giuliano,
Jeremy West,
Carlos Dobkin,
David Lang
Mai Hakamada
Hakamada, Mai
Monetary Policy,
International Macro
"Risk Taking, Banking Crises, and Macroprudential Monetary Policy" Carl Walsh,
Galina Hale,
Michael Hutchison,
Hikaru Saijo
Luka Kocic
Kocic, Luka
Health Economics,
Education Economics,
Applied Microeconomics,
Experimental Economics
"Old Habits Die Hard: the Impact of Negative Experimental Evidence on the Continued Usage of Medical Procedures" Carlos Dobkin,
George Bulman,
Justin Marion
Jianan Liu
Liu, Jianan
Labor Economics,
Applied Microeconomics,
"The Effects of Labor Market Expansion: Evidence from High-Speed Rail in Germany" Laura Giuliano,
George Bulman,
Ajay Shenoy
Rongchen Liu
Liu, Rongchen
Applied Microeconomics,
Public Economics,
Real Estate, and Lending Markets
"The Distortionary Effects of Federal Mortgage Repurchasing on Lending Patterns: Evidence from Bunching at the Conforming Loan Limit" Ajay Shenoy,
Laura Giuliano,
Justin Marion
Weicheng Lyu
Weicheng Lyu
Monetary Economics,
Political Economy
"Monetary Policy Analysis When Firms Hold Heterogeneous Beliefs" Carl Walsh,
Nirvikar Singh,
Kenneth Kletzer
David Sungho Park
Park, David Sungho
Development Economics "Reducing Intimate Partner Violence and Measurement Error: A Randomized Evaluation of a Multifaceted Female Empowerment Program in Urban Liberia" Jonathan Robinson,
Alan Spearot,
Natalia Lazzati
Brett Williams
Williams, Brett
Market Design,
Experimental Economics,
Behavioral Economics
"Opening the Book: Price Information's Impact on Market Efficiency in the Lab" Daniel Friedman,
Kristian Lopez Vargas, Natalia Lazzati,
Duncan James