Ph.D. Placement Information

Valentina Brailovskaya
- IDInsight
Baizhu Chen
- BlackRock
Eilin Francis
- Post-Doctoral Associate, MIT J-PAL
Sameh Habib
- Joint Committee on Taxation
Can Kadirgan
- Central Bank of Turkey
Kyle Neering
- Center for Naval Analysis
Liam Rose
- Health Economics Research Center, US Department of Veteran Affairs
Asha Shepard
- Assistant Professor, Goucher College
Wei Xu
- Data Scientist, UBER

Jae Choi - Assistant Professor, Xavier University
Brian Giera
- Amazon Research
Mario Gonzalez
- Central Bank of Chile
Seung Lee
- Microsoft
Raul Tadle
- Assistant Professor, CSU Sacramento
Taeree Wang
- Wells Fargo
Anick Yaha
- Chief Analyst, National Bank of Canada

Maggie apRoberts-Warren - Assistant Professor, Eastern Washington University
Matt Baumer - Data Scientist, Facebook
Pia Basurto - Peru Ministry of Education
Eric Fischer - Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco
Brandon Heck - IMPAQ International
Achmad Maulana - Senior Researcher, Center for Sustainable Development Goals, Padjadjaran University (Indonesia)
David Munro - Assistant Professor, Middlebury College
Cheyney O'Fallon - National Institute of Standards and Technology
Justin Rietz - Assistant Professor, San Jose State University
Arsenios Skaperdas - Federal Reserve Board of Governors
Wentao Su - Bank of America

Gabriel Axarlian - Lecturer, California State University, Northridge
Quincy Chen - JPMorgan Chase & Co.
Benjamin Garcia - Central Bank of Chile
David Florian-Hoyle - Central Bank of Peru
Curtis Kephart - Post-doc, NYU - Abu Dhabi
Chris Limnios - Assistant Professor, Providence College
Kevin McLaughlin - Postdoc, Chapman University
Jesse Mora - Assistant Professor, Occidental College
Manizha Sharifova - Assistant Professor, University of the Pacific
Evan Smith - Director of Research, Cabezon Investment Group

Shilpa Aggarwal - Assistant Professor, Indian School of Business (India)
Juan Catalan-Herrera - Central Bank of Guatemala
Nick Lovett - Lecturer, University of Wisconsin - Whitewater
Kat LoPiccalo - Federal Communications Commission
Jacopo Magnani - Visiting Assistant Professor, Purdue University
Ryota Nakatani - Central Bank of Japan
Yabin Wang - Visiting Research Associate, Purdue University
Lynda Wilson - Pentagon
Yuhan Xue - Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin - Whitewater

Ivan Asensio - Assistant Professor, University of Victoria Business School (Canada)
Huseyin Aytug - Central Bank of Turkey
Ciril Bosch-Rosa - Postdoc, Technische University Berlin (Germany)
Shruti Sharma - Assistant Professor, Indian Institute of Management (India)

Robert Baden - Lecturer, UCSC
Julian Caballero - Inter-American Development Bank
George Georgiou - Lecturer, National University of Singapore
Kenta Inoue - Central Bank of Japan
Aaron Meininger - Lecturer, UCSC
Mariya Mileva - Assistant Professor, CSU-Long Beach
Luba Petersen - Assistant Professor, Simon Fraser University
JeanPaul Rabanal - Visiting Assistant Professor, City of University of Hong Kong
Ren Wang - Shanghai Future Exchange

Orcan Cortu
k - Central Bank of Turkey
Sergio Lago-Alves - Central Bank of Brazil
Kun Li - Inter-American Development Bank
Sanchita Mukherjee - HSBC
Rajeswari Sengupta - Assistant Professor, Institute of Financial Management and Research (India)
Vladyslav Sushko - Bank for International Settlements
Conglin Xu - Senior Editor (Economics), Oil and Gas Journal

Maxim Belenkiy
- International Trade Administration
Mahir Binici - Central Bank of Turkey
Cesar Carrera - Central Bank of Peru
Jia-Yuh Chen - Assistant Professor, Coe College
Ambrish Dongre - Center for Policy Research (India)
Nan Geng - International Monetary Fund
"Stella" Xue Liu - International Monetary Fund
Jesus Sandoval-Hernandez - Lecturer, UC Merced
"Andy" Yi Sun - USBC
Unay Tamgac - Assistant Professor, TOBB Univerisity of Economics and Technology (Turkey)

Todd Feldman
- Assistant Professor, San Francisco State University
Gurnain Pasricha - Bank of Canada
JZ Zhao - Assistant Professor, Hampton-Sydney College