Ph.D. candidates must prepare and submit a dissertation that is based on original research and meets the requirements of the department.

Formation of Dissertation Committee

The Graduate Division requires that students who have passed their Qualifying Exams form their Dissertation Reading Committee before they are considered Advanced to Candidacy.

The Dissertation Committee must include a minimum of three faculty members, one of whom must be designated as the Dissertation Advisor. Normally these readers are selected from the QE Committee, but this is not required. 

At least two of these readers must be members of the UCSC Economics Department. A majority of Committee members must be part of the UCSC Academic Senate.  

Students must submit Nominations for Dissertation Committee Members Form after passing the Qualifying Exam.  Students may find Nominations for Dissertation Committee Members Form online at: http://graddiv.ucsc.edu/current-students/pdfs/drc_nom.pdf 

Students have the option of changing their dissertation committee composition at a later date.  To make changes to the dissertation committee, students must simply resubmit the Nominations for Dissertation Reading Committee form. 

Dissertation Research

Students are required to conduct research after Advancement to Candidacy.  Students should enroll in at least 5 units of dissertation research (ECON 298) with their dissertation advisor.  If a student’s dissertation advisor is on leave, the student is responsible for arranging for another member of the faculty to supervise the dissertation research during that quarter.  The graduate program coordinator will provide the class number.

Once students Advance to Candidacy, they are not required to register as full-time students. However, students who are employed as a TA, GSR, or teaching fellow must register as full-time students. Students who have Advanced to Candidacy need only to register for 5 units to be considered full-time. International students must be enrolled full-time to maintain visa status.

Please see the graduate program coordinator if you are unsure of your status.

Dissertation Copies

The department keeps copies of dissertations from past UCSC economics students. Dissertation copies can also be downloaded in PDF format from McHenry Library at: http://library.ucsc.edu/

Formatting of Dissertation Preparation guidelines for the formatting of the dissertation established by the Division of Graduate Studies are available at: https://graddiv.ucsc.edu/current-students/pdfs/dissertation-thesis-guidelines.pdf

The dissertation must be submitted online with the Division of Graduate Studies by the published deadline date in the Academic and Administrative Calendar. Please submit second copy (PDF) with the Economics Department office.

Summer Dissertation Submission

Students who are registered for Spring Quarter or on approved leave of absence may submit their dissertation to the Division of Graduate Studies during the summer.

Students who plan on submitting their dissertation during the summer need not register for Summer Session; but you must apply for filing fee status and submit an Application for the Doctor of Philosophy.

Announcing Degree Candidacy

The Application for the Doctor of Philosophy Degree form must be completed with all necessary signatures obtained and submitted to the Division of Graduate Studies.

The deadlines for submission of the Application for the Doctor of Philosophy Degree and submission of the dissertation are located on the Academic and Administrative Calendar on the registrar's website.

If the student does not complete all the requirements for the degree, including submission of the dissertation by the deadline date, a new application form must be filed for the quarter in which the student will complete the requirements.