M.S. Professional Development

Below are several resources for career exploration, alumni mentorship, networking, informational interviews, and developing your resume, curriculum vitae (CV), cover letter, and interviewing skills to help you prepare and begin networking with prospective employers.  The Graduate Division also provides graduate students with professional development through group events and individual mentoring. During the academic year, they provide panel discussions, workshops, and other events to help you identify potential careers, within and outside of academia, and prepare for and transition into those careers. More information can be viewed on their Graduate Horizons webpage.

Career Exploration

Career Assessments

Why career self-assessments matter by Natalie Lundsteen January 23, 2017

10 best career sites to land your dream job by Mike Podesto 

Networking and Public Speaking

LinkedIn for Students (resources for students to know the benefits of a LinkedIn profile and presence)

Career Advice Network (CAN)

UCSC M.S. in Applied Economics and Finance LinkedIn Group

TEDxUCDavis: Communicate for Success with Michael C. Webb

Mastering the Art of Presenting by Christine Kelly February 6, 2017

17 Tips To Survive Your Next Networking Event by Darrah Brustein July 22, 2014

Resume and Interview Resources

UCSC Career Center

Informational Interviews (click here for Word Doc)

CV Worksheet (click here for Word Doc)

Resume and Interview Tips (click here for Word Doc)

Resume Worksheet (click here for Word Doc)

Sample Resumes (click here for Word Doc)

Job Market and Industry Information

College Grads: 8 Pros And Cons Of Working In A Startup by Pranam Lipinski May 30, 2017

PwC's Financial Services Institute (timely and thought-provoking publications on financial services issues)

How a Specialized Business Master's Degree Can Boost Your Career by Barbara Coward November 10, 2016