Student Organizations

Photo by Carolyn Lagattuta. Photograph taken prior to COVID-19. UCSC is following all CDC guidelines.

Accounting Association

The UCSC Accounting Association is a co-curricular student organization devoted to providing its members the opportunity to discover and experience the real world implications of an undergraduate accounting education. Through conference and community, members will have the resources needed to strengthen foundational skills, network, and build the bridge from college to career.

For additional information, please contact the UCSC Accounting Association here or visit Facebook and search for "UCSC Accounting Association" in the search bar.

Delta Sigma Pi (DSP:ΔΣΠ)

Delta Sigma Pi is America’s Foremost Professional Fraternity for men and women pursuing careers in business. Delta Sigma Pi has a national presence and a diverse membership with three main focuses: professionalism, brotherhood, and giving back through community service.

It is within these aspects that students find many opportunities to meet and interact with professional contacts and other students with similar career goals. The students who join Delta Sigma Pi are motivated to get the most from their business education.

The Delta Sigma Pi chapter at UCSC was founded on May 22, 2010 becoming the Pi Chi Chapter, the 270th overall in the fraternity’s history. Since it’s founding, the chapter has been heavily involved within the university and the community. Twice a year, Pi Chi hosts professional events, volunteers for various organizations and involves itself in academic development activities. Although Pi Chi is one of the fraternity’s newest chapters, it has won many prestigious awards and is regarded as a top national chapter.

Gesher Group

Gesher Group is an undergraduate business consulting organization that believes in the importance of a practical education through a hands-on approach to pre-professional development.

Every quarter we collaborate with four to five businesses, both local and international, working to improve their business. These businesses can serve to be important connections in the future, and because of the diverse clientele we work with, Gesher Group is perfect for students who do not know what industry or role they are interested in yet. We welcome all majors -- as a diverse perspective is essential when tackling complex problems. Members are also connected to an extensive alumni network that currently works with companies such as Tesla, Google, and Microsoft.

Slug Fund Investment Group (SFIG)

SFIG strives to grow a community of individuals passionate about investing and the financial sector.  Learning how to invest is SFIG's core principle. Their accumulated investing knowledge provides a reliable environment for students to practice in an interactive fashion.  If you are interested in joining, please contact SFIG here.

Students for Professional Development (SPD)

Students for Professional Development (SPD) is an organization dedicated to enhancing the professional skills of future business leaders. Members take advantage of valuable educational, friendship, and networking opportunities by working with ambitious, like-minded individuals to achieve similar goals. SPD was founded four years ago at the University of California, Santa Cruz.

Professional skills are necessary for success in all career fields; therefore, students of all majors are encouraged to join. Members are constantly engaged in resume building, interview practice, company tours, and other forms of job search preparation as well as volunteer service and social events. Students utilize their networks for job and internship opportunities to further their professional careers. Past and current members have work experience at various corporations such as Apple, Uber, Deloitte, Canon, and Wells Fargo.

SPD works to develop members both socially and professionally through close personal and business relationships. Students learn to challenge themselves and strive for excellence while aiming to become exceptional, value-based leaders in society and the workplace. (

University Economics Association (UEA)

University Economics Association (UEA) is the first established student organization for future business professionals at UC Santa Cruz. In this organization, the focus is professional development and career opportunities.

University Economics Association strives to promote communication and interaction among students, faculty, and the professional community associated within the fields of business, economics, and information technology. Through this involvement, our members are able to build lasting relationships that extend beyond their undergraduate career and the boundaries of UCSC.

This is an organization for students of all majors interested in learning about real world economic issues as well as brushing up on interviewing skills, resume development, build communication skills required in today's business environment, career guidance and seeking professional contacts. University Economics Association offers a steady platform on which you are able to build drive, direction, and develop as a future business professional.

In UEA, our members demonstrate the drive to push themselves beyond what the world tells them they can achieve; the direction of aiming for and achieving goals; the willingness to challenge themselves and each other, and to develop into more-able individuals. UEA provides the opportunities and community to cultivate these distinguished qualities.

This is an organization for all economics students who would like to learn about real world Economics issues as well as brushing up on interviewing skills, resume development, and how to find an internship and full-time employment.  (