Declaring the Major or Minor

Photo by Elena Zhukova. Photograph taken prior to COVID-19. UCSC is following all CDC guidelines.

The Economics Department moved to virtual advising ONLY due to COVID-19. All declaration of major advising sessions will be held by way of Zoom until further notice.

Students can initiate the major declaration process by completing the Petition for Major/Minor Declaration and the Academic Planning forms and by supplying evidence of their grades in the three pre-major courses.

All students must complete Econ 1, Econ 2 (or the equivalent), the first calculus course (AM/Econ 11A, Math 11A, Math 19A or the equivalent), and meet the required combined 2.8 GPA before declaring the major. Students should submit a petition to declare as soon as they complete the major qualification (MQ) requirements or reach their declaration deadline quarter (whichever comes first). If you do not meet the qualification requirements, please see guidelines for appealing to the major. An economics minor is also an option if you cannot declare the major.

  1. Complete a Petition for Major/Minor Declaration and Academic Planning Form.  Be sure to indicate your expected graduation term (EGT) on the petition.  Your EGT can be found in your Student Advising Summary on your MyUCSC Student Portal.

    For those students declaring the economics/mathematics combined major, please use this form.

  2. To correctly fill out these forms, please schedule an appointment with a peer adviser who will assist you step-by-step via Zoom. You can contact peer advisers and see their availability here
  3. You can also be assisted with this through a Declaration of Major Advising Session, which you can sign up for here
  4. Email your completed Petition for Major/Minor Declaration, Academic Planning Form, and a copy of your unofficial transcript. Title email subject: “‘Your Name’ - Major Declaration - ‘Your Major’’”.

*Please note:  All students who are declaring a major and a minor must get their major department signature first before getting the minor department signature.

*Students declaring the combined environmental studies/economics major must get an economics adviser's signature first.

*Students declaring the combined economics/mathematics major must get the math adviser's signature first.