University of California, Santa Cruz
Economics Field Study Program

Email: for field study coordinator

Text:  No textbook is required.

Required Meetings: You are required to attend one mid-quarter meeting with the field study coordinator and you are required to meet with your faculty sponsor at least two times during the quarter. Meetings may be conducted in person or remotely at the faculty's/coordinator's/student's mutual discretion. The student is responsible for contacting their faculty sponsor to schedule the two meetings. The coordinator will contact students with an RSVP link for the mid-quarter meeting. 

Mid-Quarter Meetings: Occurs during week 5. 

Coordinator will email program participants during week 4. Students must schedule a meeting and will receive a Zoom meeting link. 

Assignments/Paper: You are required to complete the mid-quarter questionnaire, final assessment of field placement, and work with your faculty sponsor on an academic paper/project that will integrate coursework with your field experience. Typically, the length of the paper/project relates to the number of hours worked and academic credits you are attempting to earn:

Hours, Units, Paper length

2 units

5-6 hours

5 pages

5 units

12-14 hours

10 pages

10 units

24 hours

20 pages

Along with your final project and final assessment, you must also review the job description used when you applied for your internship. The goal is to identify and suggest changes to the duties and responsibilities as necessary. 

Time Sheet: Keep track of your field study hours, an optional time sheet has been provided for you here.

Examinations: There will be no examinations for the course.  The final assessment of field placement and your academic assignment with your faculty sponsor is due at the end of the quarter. Academic assignments are submitted directly to students' faculty sponsors. 

Grading: Your final grade will be determined on a pass/no pass basis by your faculty sponsor. Grading is primarily based on the paper related to your internship program and completing satisfactory work in your internship. The due date for your academic project is decided by your faculty sponsor. 

Learning Objective: The primary goal of the class is to gain practical experience related to your major by participating in a field study internship program. You will have a field study supervisor who will oversee your internship duties and a faculty sponsor who will work with you on the academic component of the course. Your field study experience should provide you with a good foundation to be used to make subsequent career decisions and help you in obtaining a permanent position after earning your degree. 

Course Schedule

Course Schedule:

Week 1

Field Study hours may begin. 

Contracts are due by Friday. 

Week 2

Make up internship hours (if needed). Recommended check-in with field study supervisor to discuss projects.

Week 3

Recommended check-in with faculty sponsor to discuss academic assignment.

Week 4

If continuing field study for next quarter, notify

Week 5

Attend one mid-quarter meeting with field study coordinator and fill out midquarter questionnaire.

Mid-Quarter Questionnaire due by Friday

Week 6

Verify continuing internship for next quarter if applicable.

Week 7

Recommended check-in to verify you are on track to complete required internship hours.

Week 8

Recommended check-in to verify you are on track to complete required internship hours.

Week 9

Recommended check-in to verify you are on track to complete required internship hours. 

Field Supervisor evaluation of you is due. (Evaluations are sent directly to the supervisor by the field study coordinator.)

Week 10

Final Assessment of Field Placement due by Friday.

Uupdates to job description due by Friday. 

Final Paper/Project submitted directly to your faculty sponsor.


UC Santa Cruz is committed to creating an academic environment that supports its diverse student body. If you are a student with a disability who requires accommodations to achieve equal access in this course, please submit your Accommodation Authorization Letter from the Disability Resource Center (DRC) to the field study coordinator privately during office hours or by appointment, as soon as possible in the academic quarter, preferably within 1 week. 

We encourage all students who may benefit to learn about the DRC and the UCSC accommodation process. You can visit the DRC website at You can make an appointment and meet in-person with a DRC staff member. The phone number is 831-459-2089, or email