Business Management Economics

An economics student with Distinguished Economics Professor Nirvikar Singh.

The business management economics major provides students who are interested in careers in business or management with a foundation in economics and a selection of applied fields related to business management. This course of study prepares students for entrance into the business world or admission to graduate programs--either the master's program in applied economics and finance at UCSC or graduate programs in business and management at other universities.

The program provides a business and management education embedded within a broader economics and liberal arts context and is closely related to the economics and global economics majors and the technology and information management major.

The major has several important elements. First, it combines the strong analytic approach of economics with the technical aspects of management. Second, it recognizes that computing has become intrinsic to business and is an essential skill for those who wish to enter this field. Students in this major gain knowledge about using computing as a tool for analysis for economic, statistical and financial data. Third, the major offers field placements (arranged with the economics advisers) which provide an excellent way to apply students’ academic knowledge of economics, business, and management to issues and problems in the real world; they provide marketable skills as well as important job contacts.

In cooperation with the UC Education Abroad Program (UC EAP), opportunities are available for students to take some business courses (taught in English) in many countries in Europe and Asia. Students should ask the Economics Department for additional information about these programs.  The department allows a total of two courses from EAP to be transferred in toward major requirements as long as they have been reviewed and approved.

Students who are committed to the major early in their academic career should plan to complete Economics 1, 2, 10A, 10B, AM/ECON 11A, AM/ECON 11B and preferably 100A, 100B, and 113 no later than the end of their sophomore year.

Information on major requirements, major qualification policy and declaration information, policies, planners, etc., can be found in the general catalog information for the business management economics major program.