The Comprehensive Requirement

Photo by Melissa De Witte.

A comprehensive examination is required of all business management economics, economics, global economics or economics/mathematics majors.  (Please see other options for economics/mathematics combined majors under that listing.) The comprehensive requirement for the economics major and the combined economics/mathematics major is satisfied by passing the following intermediate core courses with grades of C or better here at UCSC: Economics 100A or 100M, and 100B or 100N, and 113. Students may elect to complete a senior thesis with consent of an instructor in addition to completing the intermediate core courses.

Maintaining good standing in the major

Students are expected to maintain good academic standing in the major. Only courses with a grade of P or a letter grade of C or better will satisfy the major requirements. Academic Senate regulations do not allow a student to repeat a course more than twice without the approval of their college.

Education Abroad Program

The University of California offers students an opportunity to study abroad in 33 countries through the UC Education Abroad Program (EAP). EAP was created so students may study at a foreign institution while maintaining their status as UC students. UC EAP offers a variety of academic programs for student participation: language and culture programs facilitate language acquisition; “focus” programs allow students to concentrate on a plan of study applicable to their major; programs often offer instruction in English, and traditional semester and year-long program options. We routinely give credit for economics courses taken while participating in EAP. Students are advised to contact the department to determine equivalent courses in advance. A maximum of two upper-division courses taken abroad can be transferred in towards degree requirements. The cost of UC EAP varies according to destination, but in many cases expenses are not greater than if a student remains at UCSC for the same period of time, and are sometimes less. For qualified students, financial aid transfers directly to the EAP program. The budget includes airfare and, if applicable, reflects the increased costs of living. Students interested in EAP should meet with an EAP adviser as well as their college academic preceptor early in their academic career. For more information regarding programs and details of EAP contact the Education Abroad Office at (831) 459-2858 or by email at: The office is located at 101 Classroom Unit Building. Students may visit the EAP website at