Academic Advisement Report (AAR)

Photo by Melissa De Witte.

The Academic Advisement Report provides degree audit information for students and advisers. The report displays university, statistics, general education, major, minor, senior comprehensive, college, and senior residency requirements. The report indicates how completed coursework applies to requirements.

Graduation certification and requirement satisfaction must be officially approved by the appropriate certifying agency. An Academic Advisement Report is an unofficial report and shall not, in any case, constitute approval of satisfaction or revision of requirements.


Students: Click on Main Menu > My Student Center Folder > My Student Center and then select Academic Advisement Report from the more links drop down menu in the Academics section of the Student Center.

Default view

The default view of the Academic Advisement Report collapses completed (satisfied) requirements and expands incomplete (not satisfied) requirements. Buttons at the top of the Academic Advisement Report either expand or collapse all requirements in the report. To navigate through the Academic Advisement Report, simply scroll up or down and click on the green triangles to expand or collapse lines.

Questions about the Academic Advisement Report?

If you still have questions about the AAR or if something doesn’t look right, students may contact us during our advising hours or send an email to