Honors in the Major

Photo by Melissa De Witte.

The Economics Department considers for honors and highest honors students who have completed a major program with superior or exceptional work. Honors decisions are made by the department’s Honors and Scholarship Committee.

At the end of each quarter, faculty teaching the upper-division core courses submit to the department a list of students in their respective classes whose performance is at the honors level. At the time of graduation, all students who received an honors designation in one or more of these courses are reviewed by the department’s honor committee. The faculty committee looks for a record of excellence in courses offered towards the major, with a strong performance in the upper-division core (theory and econometrics—courses 100A/M, 100B/N, and 113) being a necessary condition for honors. Although a GPA is not computed for the economics courses, in general highest honors are awarded to students who have received a grade of at least an “A” throughout their economics program. Honors are awarded to students who have no more than two courses with grades of less than an “A-.” Students who have completed a portion of the major at another institution may be asked to submit a transcript for evaluation.

Students interested in being reviewed for honors may request that the department conduct a review, and such requests are always granted.

In general, honors have been awarded to between 10 and 15 percent of each year’s graduating class.