Math Course Options

Photo by Carolyn Lagattuta.

Math courses that may be subsituted for economics courses: 

Math 11A, 11B and 22 (or 23A) (all 3 courses) OR Math 19A, 19B and 23A (or 22) (all 3 courses) are acceptable substitutes for Economics 11A and 11B or Applied Mathematics and Statistics 11A and 11B. Students may also complete the mathematics requirement by taking Mathematics 11A or Mathematics 19A, and then Economics 11B or Applied Mathematics and Statistics 11B.

AMS 7 or CMPE 7 are also suitable substitutes for AMS 5.  Students who are completing a double major with another discipline (i.e. math, computer science or engineering), or are dual degree majors in engineering, as well as students who are considering graduate work in economics, should take either Math 11A, 11B & 22 or Math 19A, 19B & 23A.