The UCDC Program

Photo by Melissa De Witte.

Spend fall, winter, or spring quarter studying and interning in Washington D.C.!

Undergraduate juniors and seniors in all majors can now enroll full-time in the UCDC Program.  Sophomores with special circumstances regarding their academic schedules, particularly those in natural sciences or engineering, may apply as well.  Students take classes and intern at one of the many organizations of agencies in the Washington D.C. area while fully enrolled as UCSC students. The cost for the quarter is comparable to a quarter on campus at UCSC (plus travel), and need-based scholarships are available to help with the cost of airfare and additional living expenses. Students are housed in the UC Washington Center.  Application materials are widely available throughout the campus during the months of October and March.  Further information is available from the UCDC Coordinator Marianna Santana at: or 459-2855, Merrill College Academic Building, room 5. Also, see the UCDC website.