Faculty by Field


Applied Microeconomics

The applied microeconomics group at UCSC conducts cutting-edge research utilizing novel data and techniques in causal inference to answer questions central to public policy.  Members of the applied micro group regularly contribute to public debate, earn significant grant awards, publish in major journals, and are leading authorities in fields such as development, health, education, environmental economics, labor economics, public economics, and trade.

George Bulman Education, Labor, Public Peter Christensen Environment, Public
Carlos Dobkin Health Rob Farlie Public
K.C. Fung Development, Trade Laura Giuliano Education, Labor
Gueyon Kim Labor, Trade Justin Marion Industrial Organization, Public
Jonathan Robinson Development Ajay Shenoy Development, Political Economy
Nirvikar Singh Development, Industrial Organization, Political Economy Alan Spearot Development, Industrial Organization, Political Economy, Trade
Jeremy West Environment, Public Ariel Zucker Development, Environment, Health




















Behavioral Economics, Econometrics, and Theory (BET)

The BET group at UCSC serves both the technical foundation for training in our department, and the profession at large by engaging in cutting-edge theoretical work that improves our ability to analyze and understand complex problems.  Faculty in this area publish regularly in major journals, and make significant advances in topics such as networks, bounded rationality, information economics, machine learning, and causal inference.

Natalia Lazzati Behavioral Economics, Micro Theory
Michael Leung Econometrics
Jessie Li Econometrics
Kristian Lopez-Vargas Behavioral Economics Experimental Economics, Micro Theory
Julian Martinez-Iriarte Econometrics
Gerelt Tserenjigmid Behavioral Economics, Micro Theory
Dong Wei

Industrial Organization, Micro Theory


Finance, International Finance, and Macroeconomics

The macroeconomics group at UCSC does cutting-edge research on topics essential for macroeconomic policy using new data sources, developing quantitative methods, and making theoretical innovations. Their research is improving our understanding of the dynamics of the economy, policy interventions, and the distribution of well-being across individuals. Faculty members publish research in top academic journals and influence monetary, fiscal, and regulatory policies nationally and globally. 


Weishi (Grace) Gu

International Finance, Macroeconomics

Galina Hale Finance, International Finance, Climate Economics
Chenyue Hu International Finance Ken Kletzer International Finance, Macroeconomics
Pascal Michaillat Macroeconomics, Labor, Public Hikaru Saijo Macroeconomics
Brenda Samaniego de la Parra Development, Labor, Macroeconomics Alonso Villacorta Finance, Macroeconomics