Department Brown Bag Seminars

Wednesday 12:00 noon 1:05 p.m.
499 Engineering II

Fall Quarter 2019

October 23
Ajay Shenoy
"Revisiting the Impact of Access to College"

October 30
Grace Gu
"China's Impact on Global Financial Markets"

November 6
Giacomo de Giorgi
"Farmers to Entrepreneurs"
Non farming enterprise might constitute an ex-post income smoothing device for uninsured households. So that the decision to initiate an enterprise is led by necessity rather than skills. We test such hypothesis and find that farmers become entrepreneurs in response to negative productivity shocks to farming, while credit constraints do not seem to play a substantial role. Importantly, and consistently with irreversible investment or learning-by-doing, these reluctant entrepreneurs do not revert to full farming following new positive productivity shocks. These reluctant entrepreneurs are typically “bad” entrepreneurs while they were above average farmers. This selection might contribute to the understanding of the dual phenomenon of low-productivity firms and farms coexisting in developing countries while speaking to the structural transformation of the economy.

November 13 --> moved to Nov. 14 as Micro Seminar
David Schonholzer, Stockholm University
"Mesauring the Efficacy and Efficiency of School Faculty Expenditures"

November 20
DJ Jeong
"Creating (Digital) Labor Markets in Rural Tanzania"

November 27
Donald Wittman
"Prediting College Student Success"

December 4
David Lee, BSOE Asst. Professor
"Crowdsourced Labor"