EcEdWeb, a web page for college teaching and for K-12 economics teaching, in addition to a general annotated economics information page. It also provides an "web teaching idea page" which suggests web projects for all levels of education. The idea page links to an interactive self-quiz example with animated demonstrations reviewing demand, and also suggests several "WebQuests" involving investigations of the deficit, the system of Federal Reserve Banks, and similar activities.

The Fair Econometric Model. Ray Fair, whose macroeconomic model is well-known, has created an ingenious web site that permits simulation of economic outcomes. Although students won't see the actual model, they can see how macro-econometric models permit evaluation of outcomes based on different economic assumptions & investigate some of those outcomes themselves.

Research in Economic Education Database. A searchable database for researchers in economic education maintained by William Walstad at the National Center for Research in Economic Education at Univ. of Nebraska - Lincoln.

Review of Economics Software, containing reviews of available software for teaching economics. Most software is provided by textbook publishers as ancillary material for college principles of econ textbooks.