GPA Appeals

Interested in declaring a major in Economics?

Do you meet the GPA requirement of 2.8 between Econ 1, 2 and 11A, your first quarter of calculus (or equivalent)?  If not, you can appeal to qualify to be accepted into the major. All appeals and unofficial transcripts should be sent to

There are three deadlines for submitting GPA appeal letters each quarter. Please see below for guidelines on how to appeal. All appeals need to be submitted by 3 p.m.


for the quarter of Fall 2023:
    * Thursday, October 12th
    * Thursday, October 19th
    * Thursday, October 26th

for the quarter of Winter 2024:
    * Thursday, January 18th
    * Thursday, January 25th
    * Thursday, February 1st

for the quarter of Spring 2024:
    * Thursday, April 11th
    * Thursday, April 18th
    * Thursday, April 25th

for Summer 2023:
* Wednesday, June 19th


The 2.8 GPA requirement is being strictly enforced.

Since students must declare by the end of their sophomore year, students should be strongly advised to appeal as soon as they know they do not meet the GPA criteria. This is typically known in their first year, if not early in their second year.  

Appeals will be routinely denied unless students are:

    * prompt in submitting their appeals, preferably by the second year;


    * a close call, and if it seems likely that you would have met the GPA requirement except for extenuating circumstances.

Waiting to appeal until you have “passed almost enough courses to graduate” is a recipe for tragedy.  Faculty and staff hate to see years of students’ lives (and parents’ money) wasted, but are even more concerned with maintaining the integrity of requirements and standards.  Therefore appeals made after the second year will almost always be denied.

Appeals by students earning low grades in Econ. 1, 2 and 11A (or equivalent) are very likely to be denied.

If you choose to appeal, be sure that your letter includes:

    * Your name
    * Email address
    * College affiliated with
    * Contact information; full address and phone number
    * What your combined GPA is in Economics 1, 2 and 11A and why it is lower than 2.8.
    * Include your entire unofficial transcripts, including current quarter.

Transcripts and appeal letters may be submitted by way of email to

Appeal letters are reviewed three times per quarter, 2nd week, 3rd week and 4th week, prior to the declaration of major/minor deadline.

Carlos Dobkin, Professor and Chair,
Undergraduate Programs Committee

Lisa Gail Morgan
Undergraduate Programs Advising Director

Benjamin Hernandez
Undergraduate Programs Adviser & Testing Accommodations Coordinator

Catherine Newcomb
Undergraduate Adviser and Scheduler

Cheyenne Tanner
Undergraduate Adviser