Economics Newest Faculty Member

September 10, 2012

Eric Aldrich is the newest addition to the Economics faculty

Eric Aldrich

The Economics Department is pleased to welcome its newest faculty member, Assistant Professor Eric Aldrich, who is joining the department this Fall 2012.

Eric was an Economist in the research department at the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta where he worked since 2010. He received his Ph.D. in economics from Duke University and has a M.S. in statistics from the University of Washington. Eric’s interests are in econometrics and computational economics, finance, and macroeconomics.

Eric’s wide ranging interests are reflected in his publications, which include “Do people value racial diversity? Evidence from Nielsen ratings,” B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis and Policy (2005, v. 5, issue 1, article 4), “Calibrated probabilistic forecasting at the stateline wind energy center: the regime-switching space-time method,” Journal of the American Statistical Association (2006, v. 101: 968-979, “Habit, long-run risks, prospects? A statistical inquiry,” Journal of Financial Econometrics (2011, vol. 9(4): 589-618), and “Tapping the supercomputer under your desk: Solving Dynamic equilibrium models with graphics processors,” Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control (2011, vol. 35: 386-393).

During Winter 2013, Eric will teach Econ 133, Security Markets and Financial Institutions. In Spring, he will teach Econ 114, Advanced Quantitative Methods, and 211C, Topics in Empirical Research.