Eric Fischer Presents at the Graduate Research Symposium 2015

April 27, 2015

Eric Fischer, Economics Ph.D. Candidate, and his poster on the Federal Reserve Announcements and International Bond Flows.
Eric Fischer sharing his knowledge to an interested participant.
UCSC’s annual Graduate Research Symposium gives us the opportunity to:
• Highlight the most outstanding graduate research across the whole spectrum of disciplines on
our campus;
• Recognize advanced graduate research being conducted in a wide range of programs and
• Celebrate the diversity and innovativeness of our graduate community;
• Provide our graduate students with the chance to learn about the research of their colleagues
and to encounter research findings in fields of inquiry related to their own;
• Promote interdisciplinary research conversations among our graduate students.
Our Economics Ph.D. candidate, Eric Fischer presented his research on Federal Reserve Announcements and International Bond Flows.