New York Times references research by UCSC economist Rob Fairlie

January 26, 2016



Rob Fairlie’s study, coauthored with Julian Betts of UC San Diego, Does immigration induce ‘native flight’ from public schools into private school? [PDF] was referenced in the New York Times earlier this month.

On January 6th, 2016, the New York Times referred to research by economics professor and department chair Rob Fairlie in an article about working class voters.

Racial Identity, and Its Hostilities, Are on the Rise in American Politics, by the columnist Eduardo Porto called attention to the study Fairlie co-authored with Julian Betts from UC San Diego. Betts and Fairlie found that for every four immigrants who arrive in public high schools, it is estimated that one native student switches to a private school. 

Porto, whose column “Economic Scene” explores the world’s pressing economic issues, referred to the study as a potential example of the racial mistrust and anti-immigration sentiment that exists in America.

Betts and Fairlie’s article can be downloaded here >