Milam - McGinty – Kaun Award

December 11, 2014

Professor Michael Hutchison and PhD graduate student Arsenios Skaperdas

The Milam - McGinty – Kaun Award was presented by Professor Michael Hutchison at the Social Sciences Division’s Fall Breakfast in October.

This award, established and funded by David Kaun in 2000, recognizes outstanding teaching by graduate students.  The award is named for its first recipients, Garrett Milam and Matt McGinty, who inspired Kaun to endow the award when they were students in UCSC’s doctoral program in international economics.  Two students are selected in the Social Sciences Division to receive $1,000.  This year’s awardee from Economics is:  Arsenios Skaperdas

“I have always tried by best at teaching with no expectation of acknowledgement, so I was very happy to win this award.  I am thankful to David Kaun, who has provided this positive encouragement for all TA’s to aspire to.”  ~Arsenios Skaperdas