Why give? In the words of students …

"It is said that you cannot know what is out there without seeing the world for yourself. Because of the University of California, Santa Cruz and their contribution to my studies abroad in Cadiz and Madrid, Spain, I have been able to go out and see it. Going out into the world has given me something new: perspective. As I am soon to graduate, I feel I am ready to face the challenges of entering into life after college, thanks to my new-found perspective guided by all I have learned during my time at the University of California, Santa Cruz." -Rex Bauer, Recipient, 2018 Giving Day Study Abroad Fellowship and global economics candidate

"Uninterrupted time for research can be crucial for making significant progress. While I was a fourth year graduate student, I was fortunate to receive a fellowship which allowed me to focus intensely on my job market paper for one summer. Without that fellowship, it is unlikely that I would have been as prepared for the job market and secured my current position. I now work as an economist at the Federal Reserve Board in Washington DC, and do research on monetary economics." -Arsenios Skaperdas, UCSC Ph.D. in economics, 2016

"The cost of advanced degrees is steep, but it is even more so when you are an international student, not just because the fees are higher, but also because of limitations on personal funds as well as access to loans. So, for me, having fellowship funding made the difference between getting a Ph.D. or not … having a fellowship helped me do things well. Research is an all-consuming process, and it is impossible to do good research if you have financial worries. I am now an assistant professor of economics at the Indian School of Business and my research is about understanding agriculture, infrastructure, and their interplay in developing countries." -Shilpa Aggarwal, UCSC Ph.D. in economics, 2014

“I had the fortune of studying abroad at Hitotsubashi University in Tokyo, Japan. This life-changing opportunity, acquiring global skills and becoming exposed to new ideas in a foreign environment has shaped my understanding of the global society and economy. ... Financing for study abroad is challenging for many students. This burden could be offset by university grants and scholarships made available by generous alumni and donors. The more funds available to students, the more students can experience a life changing time abroad." -Anne Lacey, B.A. global economics candidate

"The Chilean students were so curious and very vocal about the changes they wish to see in their education, government, and world. Many expressed the incredible value they placed on my travels and would love to have the opportunity to do the same. The great support from the Economics Department from home and the UCEAP team in Chile made my semester successful and unforgettable. A fellowship, even a small one, would greatly enhance the lives and studies of students who can better understand the studies print in their textbooks. Now, as a recent graduate of UCSC, I am prepared to begin a career spanning international borders and cooperation” -Daniela Gorrino, B.A., global economics, 2016

“Studying abroad in China was certainly one of my greatest college experiences. I was able to see firsthand a country in the midst of the greatest economic expansion in the world. I know this experience influenced my interest in public policy and law, and I saw how it impacted many of my classmates who went to live or teach in China and continue to study the county. I am a more active and critique consumer of the global affairs … due to this experience. I would unquestionably recommend to a UC student that they study abroad. But, this type experience is expensive and an added cost to the already tremendous costs of a UC education. Thus, receiving a fellowship, even a small one, can help a student participate in an education abroad program.” -Benjamin Gevercer, J.D. candidate, UC Davis School of Law; B.A., global economics 2012

"In fall 2017, I was awarded the Economics Department Undergraduate Award in Economics, which compensated part of my tuition. This was a significant financial relief to my family and I am immensely grateful for the generous gift the department has granted me. I will be graduating this year, my third year at UCSC, with a double major in politics and economics. In the coming years, I hope to work in the non-profit sector for a couple years before attending law school and ultimately becoming a public servant to help under-served minorities and various other communities." -Jessica Xu, B.A. candidate in economics and politics

"I have received multiple fellowships from different aspects of my life, such as free housing from being a RA [university housing resident assistant], College Bound Brotherhood scholarship, and, my most recent, the Business Management Economics fellowship. I only had one of these fellowships during my freshmen year. Consequently, that year brought on a whole new stress of financial anxiety that no college student should have to go through. Once I received the other awards, I could start to focus less on my finances and more on moving forward with my career. Also, the fact that it is being paid out over three quarters allows me to utilize my money more efficiently." -Louis Odiase, B.A. candidate in business management economics