Employment at the Economics Department

The Economics Department has a selection of academic employment opportunities throughout the year.

Senate Positions

We have no openings available at this time.


We host two ongoing pools for qualified lecturers to fulfill shifting curricular needs of the department. Lecturer positions are excellent opportunities for part-time teaching. Applications must be submitted online through the UCSC Recruit system. Links to the full job description and application site can be found below.

Lecturer in Economics, Business or Accounting

JPF00589:  Lecturer for Disciplinary Communication Courses

Non-Senate Positions

Recruitments for other non-senate academic positions in the Economics Department are announced as the need arises. Please check back for updates.


The Economics Department has a few reader opportunities across the academic quarters. Readers are hourly positions whose function is to grade homework, quizzes and/or exams. We regularly hire undergraduate students as readers to support Econ 197 in each academic quarter, Econ 104 in winter and spring and Econ 161A in fall; and a graduate or advanced undergraduate reader to support Econ 186: Math Methods for Masters Students in fall and a graduate student to support Econ 210B Math Methods for Economics Analysis.  General qualifications for reader positions include a sound understanding of the subject matter often demonstrated by "A" grade level work in the course, good academic standing; a commitment to  punctual and reliable behavior; the ability to meet deadlines and maintain confidentiality.  For information about upcoming reader positions, please contact Department Assistant Leigh Faulk.

Teaching Assistants
Teaching assistant (TA) positions are available each academic quarter for graduate students in good academic standing to support economics curriculum. TA positions are excellent employment opportunities for graduate students interested in a teaching career and mastering the subject of the course. TA duties vary based on the needs of the course and faculty supervisor, but generally include leading sections, grading homework, quizzes and exams, holding office hours and proctoring exams.  We normally do not have additional TA positions for non-economics students. Please contact Graduate Program Coordinator Sandra Reebie for more information.

Administrative Staff

Currently no openings are available.

Student Office Worker

Student office worker recruitment typically begins at the start of the fall quarter and again in spring quarter through UC Santa Cruz's ER system.