Educational Requirements for California CPA Licensure

Photo by Melissa De Witte.

Students who are pursuing a career in accounting and who are wanting to take the full accounting series, should take the following courses:
Class ID Class Title Term Offered
ECON 10A Econ of Accounting Fall, Winter and Summer*
ECON 10B* Econ of Accounting Winter, Spring* and Summer*
ECON 110 Managerl Cost Acct Spring
ECON 111A Intermed Account I Fall
ECON 111B Intermed Account II Winter
ECON 111C Intermed Account III Spring
ECON 112 Audit Winter
ECON 116 Adv Topics in Account & Ethics Spring
ECON 117B** Tax Factors Fall
ECON 117A Income Tax Factors Winter
ECON 119 Advanced Accounting Winter

*Econ 10A is offered in an online format in summer. Econ 10B is offered in an online format in spring and summer.
**Take this course PRIOR to taking 117A.

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